What does Haven do?

Haven Neighborhood Services in a nonprofit financial counseling agency. We provide FREE financial literacy, workshops and individual counseling. We offer a credit counseling program, home foreclosure prevention and first time home buyer assistance.


Is there a fee?

There is no fee. All of our services are at no cost to the client. We provide all services at no charge, which includes: counseling, brochures, document submission, mediation, credit report analysis, follow-ups.


Are the services only for low income households?

No! Our services are offered to all of our clients for FREE. We encourage everyone to make an appointment with us to get informative and effective credit counseling.


How long does it take to rebuild credit?

Each person's credit report is different, therefore each timeline is different. The fastest way to gain good credit is to start counseling immediately. One of our Haven counselors received counseling in September 2015, six months later her score is 80 plus points higher. She has been working diligently to get a better score and is having much success.


How are credit dispute handled?

We will print your credit report, go over the accounts with you and if there is a dispute we will report it for you. There is a paper which we fill out stating the error on the report, then we send the information. There is an investigation and final outcome.


Can I just pay to have accounts removed from my credit report?

No, you cannot pay to have accounts removed. If you have closed accounts they may be able to be removed, which could raise your score.



Who runs a credit check?

There are different reasons companies will run your credit. Here are few: landlords run tenant credit, loan officers, cell phone companies, credit card companies when you apply for new credit, even employers have started to run credit checks.


Do you share or sell my information?

We never offer, share, or sell client information. We have an authorization for the client to sign stating we may call their lenders, creditors or servicers on their behalf during the intake process.


If I received a foreclosure letter what should I do?

Call us immediately to set up an appointment (213) 375- 4663. There is no time to waste in this situation, we will email you what documents to bring in and begin the mediation process.


Do you know anything about student debt or repayment plans?

We are working on a student loan class. In this class we will explain between federal and private loans as well as repayment. Like us on Facebook, we will be announcing the class soon.


I am interested in buying a home, but confused about the process. Can you help?

Of course, we would love to help get you into a new home! We have a home buyer program that we host, if you are interested please contact us.


Do you have any tips to obtain good credit?

Yes, we have an entire page of Quick Tips. They are small helpful bits of great information. Our Quick Tips page has information about home foreclosure, home buying, budgeting, financial literacy and more. We are always looking for new information and updating the section to give you the best information available. They are also great images to pin, share, tweet, etc.